To help you on your Pilates journey we have put together a ‘Pilates Starter Package’.  This consists of:

4 x 30 minute Private Sessions

The first three sessions are fully personalised, private Pilates sessions utilising Pilates equipment teaching you how to activate your deep core muscles and execute basic Pilates exercises with an emphasis on proper form and technique.  The last sessions will give you a taste of a small group class.

ONLY $140  (Save $40)


Pilates Open Sessions and Memberships allow participants to use Pilates equipment and space to follow their own program. This format is great for those who have experience with Pilates and prefer to work independently while having access to a range of equipment and facilities.

Benefits of Pilates Open Sessions:
1. Flexibility: Participants can schedule their workouts according to their convenience.
2. Personalised Workouts: Individuals can tailor their routines to focus on their specific fitness goals and needs.
3. Variety of Equipment: Access to various Pilates apparatus, including Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs, and other props.
4. Self-Paced: Participants can work at their own pace, allowing for a more personalised and comfortable workout experience.
5. Cost-Effective: Often more affordable than private sessions since you are not paying for one-on-one instruction.

Single Open Session (50 minutes). $35
2 x 50 minute sessions per week.  $66
3 x 50 minute sessions per week.  $90



Duet Sessions are a great way to workout with a friend. They are a fun and effective way to get results.

30 minute Duet Session $27.50 per person
50 minute Duet Session $55.00 per person



Optimise your workout with a Private session. These sessions are tailored to YOUR needs so as to progress your Pilates practice to a higher level. Working privately with our highly trained and experienced Pilates instructors will give you the best session at you can have.

30 minute Private Session $45
50 minute Private Session $90



Clinical Pilates is a system of safe and effective Pilates based exercises used to treat an individuals’ specific needs. Clinical Pilates is generally practiced by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths or Exercise Physiologist, however a well trained, experienced Pilates Instructor can also use the Pilates method and exercises to rehabilitate an injured client.

At the Pilates company we can offer some health rebates for private Pilates sessions through ‘The Pilates Alliance of Australasia’.   The Hicaps health rebates system does not recognise Pilates or Clinical Pilates for health rebates.


If you have a group of friends, family or work colleagues we can put a class on our timetable just for you. These classes can be adapted to suite your groups needs. For example: a group of cyclists could put a class together specifically designed for cyclists.

Contact the Studio for further details in regards to creating your own class.


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m. 0412 646 773  /  0412 500 649

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