Pilates is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can open up a “Pilates Studio”. With this in mind; here are some things to consider when choosing a Pilates Studio.


The Pilates industry’s peak body, The Pilates Alliance of Australasia (P.A.A.) has recommended that the minimum qualification to work in a Pilates Studio should be the ‘Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction’. All of the instructors at ‘The Pilates Company’ have this qualification as a minimum, to ensure you get the highest standard of instruction. Ask any potential Instructor if they have this qualification, even the best allied health practitioner may not be fully trained as a Pilates Specialist.

Class Size:

Class size is very important when learning the Pilates method. In a perfect world doing private sessions would be the ideal situation, however group classes are often more economically viable. We have made a very conscious and deliberate choice to limit our class size to a maximum of 4 participants and operate them as a semi-private session. We believe this the optimal size for personal attention, detailed instruction and for you, the participant, to gain the maximum benefit from your sessions.

Do They Know the ‘System’?

Contrary to popular belief, Pilates is so much more than the Reformer. It is the Matwork, Reformer, Spine Corrector, The Tower, The Chair, The High Barrel and the Cadillac. If an instructor doesn’t know the ‘System’, they don’t know Pilates.   At ‘The Pilates Company’ we incorporate many of the apparatus into our group sessions; not just Reformer.

Is the Studio Fully Equipped?

An Authentic Pilates Studio should be fully equipped with traditional Pilates apparatus, it should be spacious enough to allow clients to perform the exercises in the Pilates repertoire without interference with other clients. At ‘The Pilates Company’ we offer a fully equipped Studio for ALL your needs in a spacious, beautiful, boutique environment.

Pilates Alliance Membership (P.A.A.):

The Pilates Alliance of Australasia an independent, not-for-profit organization established by the Pilates industry as a regulatory body that recognises quality instruction and integrity within all legitimate approaches to the Pilates Method.

Experience Matters:

Chris & Marena are considered experts in the Pilates and Fitness industries. With a combined 30 years of teaching Pilates they have been involved in Pilates DVD’s, co-written a Pilates book and are in demand as presenters. They conduct Pilates Teacher Training, have presented consistently at Australia’s biggest Fitness convention and are the only Australians invited to present on Pilates at the world’s largest fitness convention in the U.S.A. (IDEA – Los Angles).

Never Shop on Price:

You don’t do it for child care, your hairdresser or other important health requirements. Pilates, as with most things; you get what you pay for. Authentic Pilates is an investment in your health now and for the future. If it is just a group workout you’re after, reformer classes at a good quality health club provides a more economical option compared to a studio. However, if you want the true Pilates experience and benefits, it should be undertaken in a semi-private (max. 4 clients) or private setting.

These things are important. Ask any potential Pilates Studio about these important issues.

Chris & Marena are happy to help you with any questions you may have to help you start or continue the Pilates journey that is right for your needs.

“The teachers were very engaging and knowledgeable, well worth the money”

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“I really enjoyed the teaching classes, I highly recommend Positive Pilates!”

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